Sunday, May 18, 2014

Minecraft Party

For my daughter's 8th birthday we did a Minecraft theme.  She is absolutely obsessed with Minecraft right now so even though I wanted something a little easier to pull off, who can argue with such a sweet girl?  As popular as Minecraft is, you can't just pop down to the local party store for some Minecraft themed supplies.  So, even though I am pretty challenged in the arts and crafts department, this party had a ton of DIY elements.
 Here are my 2 favorite elements that we made:  A Pin the Tentacle on the Ghast game and a Ghast pinata.
The Ghast Game was easy enough, just some poster board with a Ghast face drawn on it. Luckily B is a pretty good artist so he handled that.  We attached all but one on the tentacles, the last one was the one the guests had to pin on.  The Pinata was a little tougher. We ended up using an empty Veggie Straw box, wrapped it in white paper and the Birthday Girl drew the Ghast face on it. I reinforced the box with a little duct tape, maybe too much. The box was tough!  The kids had fun trying, though!

We also played a rousing game of Minecraft Bingo. I purchased the digital files for the Bingo game on Etsy and had them printed at Staples, which only cost about $10 so I was pleased.  Add some rocks from the Dollar Tree to use as Bingo markers and we were all set.  All of the guests got Bingo eventually, and as a prize they got some yummy Rock candy!

I also purchased some Minecraft stickers on Etsy to decorate the Favor bags. The bags were 3 for $1 at the Dollar Tree, another good deal!

There's a great local wholesale candy store but regular people can shop there too, so in keeping with the Minecraft theme, we had some bowls of loose Rock Candy.  Hopefully the parents forgive me for loading the kids up with so much sugar!

Finally the cake.  I thought about hiring someone to do a really cool Minecraft cake, or buying an edible image from Etsy. But, the birthday girl doesn't even like cake and has several food allergies so I decided to just keep it simple.  One square cake and lots of cupcakes later, and we have a Ghast cake!

 So that was our very low budget, but very fun Minecraft Party!  I think all of our guests had fun, and our whole family enjoyed putting the party together!

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