Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Capron Park Zoo

Capron Park Zoo is an absolute gem. i feel really fortunate that we live close enough to take frequent trips. In recent years the zoo has added some really great new stuff. For instance, the new splash pad is awesome! It's big enough that lots of kids can have fun, but not so big that you lose track of your kids. There are low walls around the perimiter for parents to sit on and relax a bit. There are 2 little changing cubicles which is great, in case you are heding home and want to change out of your wet stuff. We always try to do the splash pad at the end of our trip, I always end up almost as soaked as the girls!
Capron also built a great lemur exhibit recently.  There is a long walkway out onto a small pond, and the Lemur's live on islands on either side of the walkway. There are a ton of ducks on the pond too, and bring quarters to buy some food to throw to the ducks! (you'll need quarters to get Llama food and for the small rides and carousel).
Capron Park is a small zoo, but there are many great animals to see. We really enjoy seeing the antics of the Otters, the Kangaroos and the Lions. Just outside the zoo itself there is a decent sized park with play structures for both big and little kids. I do wish the playground was fenced in, it's pretty open to traffic so you do have to keep a close eye on the kids. You can also bring a picnic, there's a ton of open lawn as well as some covered gazebos. There is a small concession stand that sells drinks and Ice Cream. As far as I know there is only one bathroom location, which is near the beginning of the zoo, so keep that in mind.
All in all, Capron Park Zoo is a great place to take the kids and spend a morning or afternoon. Admission is not too bad and it is well worth the price!

The pics are form different visits over the years, just to show you all the different things to do and see.

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